Training Academy

The Boat Shop Asia's vision is to bring boating to those who enjoy a great time out at sea. Our charter promotes competency and responsibility amongst boaters. Over the years, we have developed a series of courses to equip boaters of different backgrounds and experiences with the necessary seamanship and skills. It also allows you to enjoy the boating lifestyle without the need to own a boat. 


Our Boating Journey Program

Boating Journery program is designed to allow bareboat charters from our Trident Marine Asia fleet. We have a whole list of training programs available that will suit different boaters who have aspiration to drive bigger boats or drive in the overseas such as Europe or Australia. Note that certain countries will require licenses to drive a boat and the Powered Pleasure Craft Driving License (PPCDL) is not recognized internaltionally. Do refer to the list of courses in the Course Progression chart at the bottom of the page.


Boating Journey in Singapore

Step 1: Get your Powered Pleasure Craft Driving License (PPCDL) - Within Singapore Port Limits

Boaters in Singapore will need a Powered Pleasure Craft Driving License to begin their Boating Journey. This license will allow boaters to drive an engine powered/jet-propelled pleasure craft for up to 24 meters in length (with SZ or SZH licence prefixes) within Singapore port limits. 

The Powered Pleasure Craft Driving License (PPCDL) course consist of 2.5 days of training program - Theory and Practical, followed by a theory and practical assessment that must be booked through the Singapore Polytechnic website. The expected timeline between completing the PPCDL Course and receiving your license would be around 2-3 months.



Step 2: Complete your Basic Competency Course (BCC)

Following the successful completion of the PPCDL, boaters can sign up for the Basic Competency Course where they will be exposed to larger boats with more powerful engines. In this course, boaters will get to drive a bowrider or center console to gain experience handling a bigger boat and learning the fundamentals of seamanship.

Upon completion of the course, boaters will be eligible to self-drive our bareboats under the Trident Marine Asia Fleet in Singapore and Malaysia.


Step 3: Charter a Self-Drive Boat with Trident Marine Asia

This is the time to create your own Nautical Adventure in Southeast Asia! We have a wide range of self-drive boats in Singapore and Malaysia where you can charter it just like renting a car. So what are you waiting for? Book Now!


Step 4: Convert your PPCDL by getting an International Yacht Training (IYT) License

Thinking of driving a boat in overseas while on a holiday? This is the chance for you to get yourself an IYT!

If you have a PPCDL or completed your Basic Competency Course with us, you may be wondering if you can get some exemptions of the topics in the IYT courses. The answer is a RESOUNDING YES! We have carefully studied the topics in each of the courses to provide some credit exemptions which they call RPL or Recognition of Prior Learning in IYT. You can complete the course and get certified much faster and pay less if you've accumulated certain credentials or experience.



Boating Journey in Malaysia

 Power Craft Driving License (PCDC) Course

Power Craft Driving Course was established to encourage safe and enjoyable boating in Malaysia. Trainees who had successfully complete this course (or Singapore's equivalent Competency Course) are eligible to charter our self-drive boats - Yolo Buddy and Diana from TBSA and PenMarine network in the area.

This course's four modules include an e-learning module, virtual training, a half-day boat handling session, and a full day at sea where participants can practise boat handling skills like berthing and man-overboard procedures as well as practical assessment.


International Yacht Training (IYT) License

This certificate gives you a freedom to drive a boat around the world!

The Boat Shop Asia is an International Yacht Training (IYT) accredited training school in Singapore as well as Port Klang and Penang in Malaysia. The school is focused on powered craft training courses, along with VHF Marine Communications and RibMaster Course (ICC10M).

IYT tickets (certificates) issue an International Certificate of Competency (ICC) which is adopted by certain United Nations resolutions and recognized in a good number of countries around the world as a yacht.boat driving license.

Bareboat (self drive) charter boat companies from those countries recognize the ICC certificates, and allow holders to charter their boats on a bareboat basis.



Course Progression

Our Academy does not only offer courses that gets you the Powered Pleasure Craft Driving License but also offers comprehensive range of courses for you to hone your boating skills and provide you with more experiences to take your boating journey internationally. You can explore it with The Boat Shop Asia Academy upon the completion of your Powered Pleasure Driving License (PPCDL) Course.