Power Craft Driving Course

The Power Craft Driving Course was developed by Boaters, for Boaters by:
The Boat Shop Asia has collaborated with PenMarine Sdn Bhd to bring our boating courses to Malaysia. Together, we have created the Power Craft Driving Course (PCDC) that is made up to 4 modules, of which need to be completed and assessed before being awarded with the Power Craft Driving Course Certificate. The PCDC Certificate will allow boaters to charter a self-drive (bareboat) boats in the region across the TBSA network of partners. However, bareboat (self-drive) charters in Singapore will still require a local Powered Pleasure Craft Driving License (PPCDL). 
The list of marinas with bareboat (self-drive) charters currently includes:
1. Marina Country Club, Singapore
2. One 15 Marina, Singapore
3. Republic of Singapore Yacht Club, Singapore
4. Royal Selangor Yacht Club, Port Klang, Malaysia
5. Straits Quay Marina, Penang, Malaysia
More upcoming destinations for bareboat charters: 
1. Johor, Malaysia
2. Melaka, Malaysia
3. Langkawi, Malaysia
4. Jakarta, Indonesia
5. Vietnam

Entry Requirements

Training Information

Power Craft Driving Course consists of 4 modules:
1. eLearning Module
Module 1 - Own time Own Target (OTOT) - Learners will have up to a week to complete this prior to attending for module 2.
2. Virtual Training
Module 2 - This will be a Instructor-led online theory class (via zoom) that conducts virtually on Saturdays (1 full day)
3. Boat Handling
Module 3 - 0.5 days of Classroom session (in Kuala Lumpur or Penang) on VHF assessment and Theory assessment based on Module 1.
Module 4 - 1 day of Practical session to be spent out at sea, learning on how to navigate and handle the boat, to perform berthing and man-overboard procedures & practical assessment
For more information on the course, please visit our PCDC Course Brochure here: 
*For other inquiries, you may contact the following numbers: 
Jasmine On
Mobile: 60 11-2670 8721

Lim Jin
Mobile: 60 19-488 0880


Course Syllabus

Power Craft Driving Course - Basic (Safety, Competency, Fun)
e-Learning  Virtual Training Boat Handling
  1. Nautical Terms
  2. Pleasure Craft Equipment
  3. Boat Gauges
  4. Aids to Navigation
  5. Rules of the Road
  6. Where to Go
  7. Pre-departure Planning
  8. Assessment
  1. Seamanship & Boat Handling
  2. Emergency Procedures
  3. Rules of the Road (RECAP)
  4. Chartwork & Tides
  5. Pre-Departure Planning (RECAP)


  1. Familarization of Boat
  2. Controls  & Gauges
  3. Safely Check and Briefing
  4. Planning the Boat
  5. Berthing
  6. Man-Overboard
  7. Retrieving Objects
  8. Anchoring
  9. Towing Towable
  10. Retuning & Checks


  • Checkpoint - Learners will need to pass the assessment before qualifiying for the led session

Boat Handling:

  • Practical Assessment - Instructor will establishes if the learner is ready for self-drive.
  • Final Assessment - Computer aided test to confirm if learner have the right knowledge to navigate.

Course Assessment

Learners will be required to pass two (2) assessments before being awarded with the Power Craft Driving Course certification.

In the event leaners fail the assessment and require a re-test, the following fees apply:

PCDC Re-Assessment Fees
Theory Assessment RM 300
Practical Assessment RM 600


Course Fees

RM 3500

(inclusive of GST)

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