Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are the courses conducted at and how do I signed up?

A: The Powered Pleasure Craft Driving License Course (Theory Lesson) is conducted in RSYC's Sea Sport Academy Room, and the Practical Lesson is condcuted in a boat, at the sea.

The Basic Comptency Course is a practical lesson and is conducted at One 15 Marina.

The International Yacht Training Course (Theory Lesson) is conducted is Midview City, and the Practical Lesson is condcuted in a boat, at One 15 Marina.

Q: What is the dress code and the materials that I need to bring for the course?

A: Learners are encouraged to dress for comfort and bring along an iPad/Laptop/IT Devides with some stationary items for the theory lesson.
Q: Where is the PPCDL Theory and Practical Test conducted at?
A: The PPCDL Theory test is conducted at Singapore PolyTechnic, and the Practical test is conducted at Singapore Maritime Academy or Poly Marina.
Q: Can I bring a friend into the boat for the course that I have signed up for?
A: No, the course is strictly for learners only.
Q: Is it mandatory to complete the Basic Competency Course before chartering the self-drive boats with Trident Marine Asia?
A: Yes, learners are required to complete and pass the Basic Competency Course as the self-drive boats are larger that the PPCDL boats. This course will provide you to familiarisation on handling an actual boat before driving it on your own.