An alternative to boat ownership is Chartering. Chartering allows you to experience different boats before commiting yourself to one. It also allows the busy individual to have a boat at his/her disposal and not own or pay full price of owning a boat while it sits idle in the marina. The Boat Shop Asia offers different types of charter to suit different needs of boaters. For the experienced, we have bareboat (self drive) charters subject to a qualification process. For those who want to just enjoy the cruise out without hassle, we have skippered charters available. And for those who want to celebrate special occassions in a unique way, we have planners to understand your needs and to make certain milestones in your life memorable. 

How do I charter a Boat?

To be able to charter a boat from us, please join us a member (it is free!) and create an charter account. For existing members, you just simply need to upgrade your account to a charter account. Please indicate in your charter account if you have a PPCDL and if you are keen to go through the qualification process, we will require a photo copy of your PPCDL uploaded into the system. For all others, we will need you to download a copy of the charter agreement, sign it, and upload it back into the system. We will review the documents and will approve the membership within 24 hours if everything is in order. Upon membership approval, you will be able to log in to the boat charter pages and select your boats for charter. Quick and simple! Please note that all payments will be made online on the portal.

How do I qualify for Bareboat charter?

You will need to go through a qualification process to be certified so that you can take one of our designated bareboat boats out on your own without a skipper. Needless to say, your safety is the top most thing on our mind so be assured that the qualification process will be stringent. We will be looking at how you are able to handle the boat, safety aspects, navigational awareness as well as the ability to read tides etc. These skills are to ensure that your journey out on your will be as safe as it is fun. Please note that the only pre-requisite for this qualification process is having a valid PPCDL