The Boat Shop Asia's vision of bringing boating to the those who enjoy a good time out at sea. Our charter is also to promote competency and responsibility amongst boaters. Over the years, we have developed a series of courses to equip boaters of different backgrounds and experience with the necessary seamanship and skills. Our Boating Journey program allows you to enjoy the boating lifestyle without the need to own a boat. The stages of the boating journey program includes:

  1. Getting your PPCDL - join our PPCDL course (link below) as the 1st step of your Boating Journey
  2. Do your competency course with TBSA as it will expose you to bigger boats with more powerful engines which are boats that you can literally drive out for fun with family and friends 
  3. Charter your boat with TBSA - we have a range of self drive charter boats in different marinas in Singapore and Malaysia where you can charter a boat (like you would with a car) and drive out for a day of fun. Create your own nautical adventures in South East Asia with TBSA!

We now offer both virtual PPCDL and In-Classroom led courses. Click here to sign up for either : 

Upon Completing your PPCDL, you can explore other courses with TBSA. The competency course is needed for you to charter self drive boats from TBSA in South East Asia. 

Ground Zero
Any aspiring boater in Singapore will need a PPCDL to begin their boating journey. PPCDL certification allows the boater to drive a boat up to 24 meters in length within the port limits of Singapore.   You can register for the PPCDL by clicking here : RSYC REGISTRATION

This is a 2 day course followed by a theory test and a practical exam. Expected duration from the time you complete your PPCDL course until you get your certificate is about 2-3 months. 

Keel Boat Course
TBSA offers a number of keel boat courses at RSYC which will allow trainees to experience sailing as a team and also equip them with the necessary skills and experience to self drive a sailing charter boat. As keelboats have outboard motors, the pre-requisite for this course will be a PPCDL certification.

Growing your Competency
Upon completing your PPCDL course, you can join us for the basic competency course to get more drive time under supervision. In this course, you get to drive a larger bowrider or cuddy cabin and learn how to handle a large boat as well as basic seamanship skills. Upon completing the basic competency course, you will be eligible to self-drive one of our smaller yachts up to 26 foot. For self drive of larger boats, we have advanced competency courses for them. Sign up for our courses at our meetup site at https://www.meetup.com/Singapore-Boaters-Group-for-Newbies/ 

Teaching Aids
We leverage on technology to deliver training curriculum to our trainees. Our course materials are now on CourseSites which allows the trainees to learn from video aids, animations, test questions etc, to further improve their understanding of seamanship, how to get out there and come back safely, and also where to go to enjoy yourself with your friends and family.