PPCDL Course & Refresher

Getting your Private Pleasure Craft Driving License (PPCDL) is the 1st step in your boating journey. PPCDL is needed for you to legally drive a boat up to 24m in length in Singapore. Do note that this license may not be recognized in other parts of the world. Getting your PPCDL is split into 3 parts. They are:

1. PPCDL Course - this is a 2 day course conducted at one of the appointed PPCDL centers in Singapore. TBSA operates out of RSYC and conducts the PPCDL course at the premises.  This is a popular location for the PPCDL course as the practical examination is conducted in the same area as our PPCDL practical session. The course is split into theory and practical sessions. A completion certificate will be issued to trainees who have completed the course. 
2. Theory test - This is a test conducted at Singapore Polytechnic's premises. You need to get at least 26 or more questions correct to pass the test. The pre-requisite for this test is the completion certificate from the PPCDL course and also an eye sight test.
3. Practical exam - This is a practical examination conducted at SMA's location at West Coast Ferry Road. This location is right next to RSYC and share the same training/test grounds as RSYC. The pre-requisite for this exam is the certificate of passing of the theory test. 

To sign up for the PPCDL course at RSYC, please click onto the following link : PPCDL Registration 

We've gotten feedback from our trainees that the theory and practical tests have a low pass rate. At TBSA, we have a number of aids to help you get through both tests the 1st time round. They are:

Online Learning - We subscribe to Blackboard Coursesites for our PPCDL and competency courses. All of our training materials and more can be accessed online on this site so you can literally learn anywhere where you have an internet connection. We also have PPCDL theory sample test questions in there with automatic grading to let you have a sense of where you stand on the theory test. This facility is available as part of your course curriculum. 

Theory Refresher - Theory refresher is conducted once a month. During this refresher, you will be asked to take the online tests and the instructor will run through you questions with you to explain the logic behind the answers.

Practical Refresher - Practical refreshers are necessary as the training duration at the PPCDL course may not be sufficient. There is also a 2-3 month wait between the PPCDL course and the practical examination. As such, all trainees are strongly encouraged to take the practical refresher prior to going into the practical examination. RSYC is the ideal location for the practical refresher as the practical test grounds are the same as your refresher training grounds. The instructor will take you through the process of the practical examination and will use the same berthing and MOB locations as the practical examination.

For theory and practical refreshers, please contact Amanda at 65-96618345 or reach her at amanda@theboatshopasia.com to book your place.