About Us

At TBSA, we work every day to ensure we deliver the highest possible services to our customers – boaters, boat owners, charter agents and service providers. We aim to make boating accessible for everyone by sticking to our core guiding principles:

Boating should be accessible, affordable, fun and safe for all

Chartering a yacht at home or overseas should be as quick and simple as booking a hotel room

The boating service industry should be transparent, putting boaters in touch with respected service providers and giving competent workers the ability to promote themselves

Above all, boating should be a fun hobby for all to enjoy, affording us precious time with family, friends and other like-minded members of the boating community

TBSA started in 2013 as a yacht brokerage and quickly became the leading bareboat charter provider in Singapore. Our differentiator in the boating market is that we are run by boaters, for boaters.  TBSA runs training & competency courses, operates the largest bareboat and skippered charter fleet across Asia, and is proud to be part of the boating community.