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The Boat Shop Asia is a training academy that provides educational and training services for the pleasure craft community. The academy offers a comprehensive range of courses for learners to start on their boating journey by allowing them to obtain a license by the governing bodies to drive a boat in Singapore or overseas. These courses will provide them the avenue to hone their boating skills, increase their knowledge, competency, and confidence to drive a boat on their own.

Our Statistics


2 Countries

The Boat Shop Asia was established in Singapore in 2013, and we now have expanded our academy to Penang & Port Klang - Malaysia.

5000 Learners

Over 5000 learners have signed up and completed their boating course with TBSA, conducted by our certified trainers who have shared their nautical knowledge and experiences to those who are keen to have a boating skill.

5 Marinas

We have boats in 5 different marinas in Singapore and Malaysia and are working to expand our charter services to more marinas.

14 Boats

We have a number of boats for bareboat/self-drive charter ranging from Glastrons to Searays and QuickSilvers. As the QuickSilver distributor, we have the widest range of quicksilver boats for charter in the region.

Our Adventures