TBSA has been delivering training courses for the Pleasurecraft community since 2013.  Our academy offers a comprehensive range of courses to get you started on your boating journey by helping you get that license to boat in Singapore, provide you with the knowledge, competency and confidence to drive a boat on your own, and provide you with an avenue to hone and develop your boating skills.

More excitingly, getting the competency course certification from us  also qualifies you for bareboat (self drive) charters of boats under the TBSA network in Asia. With our new partnership with International Yacht Training Worldwide (IYT) , we will provide a conversion path to an international boat driving license recognised by charter companies in Australia and Europe (Med) . Our academy provides courses certified and accreditation by local and global professional bodies. Check out our programs below:

To start your boating journey in Singapore you will need a PPCDL (Powered Pleasurecraft Driving License) and you can get it here : 

The Academy not only offers courses that gets you the PPCDL, but also courses that hones your skills, provide you more experience, and allow you to take your boating journey international. Check out the progression of the courses with TBSA Academy:


If you are interested in the IYT Courses and already have  PPCDL or completed the competency, you can get the IYT tickets in a shorter period of time and with less cost. Go to the link to check out the credit transfers : https://www.theboatshopasia.com/iytconversion 

Remember, its not just about the certification, its the skills, experience and seamanship that keeps all of us safe out there!

 Contact us for more information. For a start, you may sign up for the different courses below: