TBSA Training Academy

TBSA conducts number of courses as part of the TBSA Academy. These courses either provide you with the knowledge, competency and confidence to drive a boat on your own with your family and friends as your passengers. It also qualifies you for bareboat (self drive) charters of boats under the TBSA network in Asia.


To start your boating journey you will need to attend some basic boating courses. Depending on where you live and where you want to boat, you can pick one of the 2 training routes to start your journey:

Training Route 1 : I live in Singapore and want to boat and charter a self drive boat in Singapore as well as other parts of Asia

Training Route 2 : I live in a country where a boat driving license is not needed but I still want to boat and charter a self drive boat in Asia(except for countries where a boating license is needed)



We have a number of courses after the PCDC or Basic Competency Course that you can take that will help enhance your boating experience and competency. Contact us for more information. For a start, you may sign up for the different courses below: