We understand the excitement of owning a boat and we know that you want a bang for your buck!  This is why we have built a business model that allows us to bring down the cost of boats through our extensive network of global partners and suppliers. This also means that if you something in mind that is not available locally, we will likely be able to locate it through our contacts and offer at an attractive price.

For those who worry about the high initial cash outlay to purchase a boat, we have partnerships with established financial institutions to provide financing options to suit your needs.And if you want, there is also a co-ownershiip option where we will pair likeminded individuals together to be joint owners of a boat. 

Finally, for those who just want to try out the lifestyle but are not yet ready to commit to a boat purchase, you will be pleased to know that we are planning to launch our skippered and bareboat (self drive) services in 2014.