It is no secret that being able to afford a boat depends on more than the initial price of the boat, and maintenance cost is almost always at the top of every aspiring boat-owner's mind. Monthly and yearly maintenance costs need to be factored into consideration when assessing the total cost of ownership.

At TheBoatShopAsia, we will share with you the little tips in boat maintenance that can reduce significantly unpleasant maintenance surprises down the road. Examples of simple yet often neglected areas of maintenance are hosing down and cleaning the boat with fresh water after every trip., regular engine flushing and engine maintenance. By themselves, these measures do not cost alot of money at all. However, they do go a long way in preventing long term issues such as corrosiion and engine problems.

We will share with you on the best practices of boat maintenance and even help you draw up a checklist and maintenance keep your boat in tip-top shape everytime, with minimum cost!