Berthing Locations

There are a number of Marinas in Singapore which provide dry and wet berthing facilities. For newcomers to boating, Wet Berthing is the berthing of boats in the water. You will have a berth allocated to you which you pay a monthly/yearly rate for, and your boat will be parked there and accessed as and when needed. Dry berthing is basically stacking up your boat on a suspended parking lot. This is done for smaller boats. The pros of having a dry berth is that your boat will be kept clean and not subject to the harshness of sea water and other elements. The cons is accessibility. You will need to call the Marina in advance to launch your boat before you can take it out and this could sometimes take a while depending on traffic at that point in time. 

*Please note that the estimated berths are gathered from public websites and are indicative and should only be used for information purposes. They are by no means an accurate reflection of the number of berths available or the number of berths in each Marina.

Berthing rates can differ from Marina to Marina with some offering permium facilities. Before you buy a boat, consider joining one of these Marinas and try to get into the community. Boating will definitely be more fun when you have buddies to share time on the water with.