It was a beautiful Sunday morning. We had decided 3 weeks back to make a group trip to Puteri Harbour. This was a trip for 3 boats - JDV, Happy Hour and Fishing Buddy.  We wanted to take new boaters through the process of getting from Singapore into Puteri Habour and that process included:

1. Clearing Singapore immigration/customs
2. Navigating safely to Puteri Harbour
3. Arrival procedures at Puteri Harbour Marina
4. Immigration/customs clearance at Puteri Harbour
5. Refueling at Puteri Harbour
6. Returning to Singapore including immigration clearance on both sides

We proceeded to Western immigration to clear customs and headed out towards Puteri Harbour. We entered this calm stretch of waters south of Sudong and started racing each other. It was amazing to see 3 speedboats running at 20 knots within 50 feet of each other. We had qualified skippers on all boats to ensure we keep a safe distance while enjoying the run.  Right before the 'hockey stick' at Tuas, Happy Hour hit a patch of seaweed and the engine temperature started going up after a while. We suspected that the impeller sucked in debris and that damaged the impeller. All 3 boats came together and fishing buddy started towing Happy Hour to Raffles Marina where we left her and headed up to Puteri Harbour in 2 boats. 

We spent an enjoyable time there feasting on indian food, getting our foot massaged and trying to refuel fishing buddy from a couple of jerry cans using a hose and nothing else. It was a very pleasant trip and we achieved what we wanted to. We left Puteri Harbour with an intention to return again in a boat. On the way back, we crossed under the 2nd link and saw this huge jam on it. You could see the smile on our faces as we made our way back.. 

Thankfully the trip back was less eventful. We arrived in Singapore at 7pm and had to wait an hour before getting immigration clearance. By then Mark was asleep at the back of the boat. 

Check out our video at the following link: