Powered Craft Driving Course

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TBSA is collaborating with PenMarine Sdn Bhd to bring our boating Courses to Malaysia. Together, we have created the Power Craft Driving Course(PCDC). This is a course made up of 3 modules, all of which need to be completed and the trainee assessed before being awarded the PCDC certificate. This certificate allows the boater to charter self-drive (bareboat) boats in the region across the TBSA network of partners.  Note that self-drive boats charter in Singapore require a local PPCDL so contact the TBSA representative in Singapore for more information about this. 

The list of marinas with self drive boats available for charter currently includes:
1. One15 Marina Sentosa - Singapore
2. RSYC Marina - Singapore
3. Marina Country Club - Singapore
4. Raffles Marina - Singapore
5. Straits Quay Marina - Penang, Malaysia

Up and coming destinations:
1. Jakarta - Indonesia
2. Vietnam
3. Langkawi - Malaysia
4. Melaka - Malaysia
5. Johor - Malaysia

The PCDC course consists of 3 modules you need to complete the course. You will also be required to pass 3 tests before the certificate is awarded to you and with the PCDC certification, you are free to create your own nautical adventures! The 3 modules are:

Module 1 - Own time Own Target (OTOT) - you have up to a week to complete this prior to coming in for module 2
Module 2 - This is either a virtual class or a classroom led session at PenMarine's classrooms at Straits Quay Marine on a Saturday or Sunday (1 full day)
Module 3 - 2 day (12 hour session) spent out at sea learning how to navigate, handle the boat and perform berthing and man-overboard procedures 

Below is more information about the 3 modules:

The PCDC course for Module 1 and 2 are now available both virtually and in-classroom. Click onto the link below to signup for the course now. 

For more information, please call the following numbers to inquire:

Singapore :
Elaine Ng : Elaine.ng@theboatshopasia.com ( 65 9661 0264)

Cindy : cindy@penmarine.com ( 60 19-488 0880)