Getting Started

A common dilemma faced by new boaters wanting to 'get their feet wet' (so to speak) is knowing where to actually start. Buying a new boat, buying a used boat, gaining confidence in operating a boat, chartering a boat to give it a try? These are just some of the choices that a 'newbie' will need to make. And we haven't even scratched the surface on areas of finance, berthing and maintenance!

In Singapore for instance, every boater will need to obtain a boat driving license called a Powered Pleasure Craft Driving License, or PPCDL for short. In fact on this small island city, there is an estimated 500 people who get the PPCDL every year! However, based on our straw poll of new license holders, we find that as much as 80% of these boaters do not proceed to utilize their new found knowledge and certification moving forward. Some of the common reasons cited are concerns about high cost of boat ownership, dearth of bareboat charters in Singapore and lack of knowledge about what to do next. This is where TheBoatShopAsia can help to guide you in the options that are actually available to new boaters out there, and maybe you just might find the right option for you to enjoy the sea!

Start by browsing our website to get a better idea of why TheBoatShopAsia can help with, and simply call or email us for a no-obligation appointment to discuss your requirements, concerns and ideas. We are happy to listen to you, as every feedback that we get enables us to better serve the boating community.

Looking forward to hearing from you!