Basic Competency Course (BCC)

The Basic Competency Course was developed by The Boat Shop Asia Academy

The Basic Competency course is prerequisite for bareboat (self-drive) chartering of the Trident Marine Asia fleet in Singapore and Malaysia. This is to enhance the learner's boat handling competency and seamanship where it will give them the confidence, skills, and experience to drive the boat on their own. It is split into 3 legs and only learners who have passed the assessment (Leg 3) will be certified for bareboat charter of the Trident Marine Asia’s fleet.

  • Leg 1 – Route on Navionics
  • Leg 2 - Man-overboard and berthing/unberthing
  • Leg 3 - Assessment on berthing/unberthing
Course Objectives: 
  • To provide PPCDL holders in gaining the skills and confidences required to enjoy boating safely and responsibly. 
  • To be eligible for the TMA's fleet criteria of seamanship for bareboat chartering
  • To allow experienced boaters who have not been driving a boat to refresh their boating skills and knowledge and provide them with an update to any changes of the port regulations in relation to boating in Singapore.
  • To ensure that boaters are aware of their level of competency in boat handling.
  • To give the learner the opportunity to drive the boat from the marina to the southern island of Singapore with the guidance provided by our TBSA trainers onboard. 

Entry Requirements



Training Information

The Basic Competency Course is a 4 hours practical lesson where learners are required to complete and pass the assessment (Leg 3) to be eligible for the bareboat (self-drive) charter.

Basic Competency Course (BCC)
Day Saturday or Sunday
Time 9:00am to 1:00pm
Venue ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove


Course Syllabus

• Safety & Equipment Checks

• Berthing, Docking & Man Overboard

• Practical (Oral) Questions

Course Assessment

The course fees is inclusive of the assessments and learners will be assessed on their route on Navionics and berthing/unberthing skills. In the event the learner fails the assessment and require a re-test, the following fees apply:

BCC Re-Assessment Fees


Course Fees

SGD 324

(inclusive of GST)

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