Competency Courses

After completing your PPCDL course, the next step of your journey is to continue enhancing your boat handling competency and your seamanship. We have a couple of competency courses designed to give you the confidence, skills and experience to get into the water with a boat on your own.  Our basic competency program is the pre-requisite for bareboat (self-drive) chartering of our fleet of boats. The objectives of this program are: 

  1. To help new PPCDL holders gain the skills and confidence required to enjoy boating safely and responsibly. 
  2. To satisfy TBSA’s criteria of seamanship required to charter our fleet of boats for self-drive purposes. 
  3. To allow experienced boaters who have not been driving boats for some time to refresh their knowledge and skills. This also serves as an update to any change of the port regulations in relation to boating in Singapore. 
  4. To let individual aware of their own level of competency in boat handling. The program allows the trainers to identify individual strong and weak areas in boat handling, as well as to provide additional training when deemed necessary. 
  5. To let participants have the opportunity to drive the boats from the marina to the Southern Islands of Singapore with guidance provided by the TBSA trainers onboard

The Basic Competency program is split into 3 legs. Leg 1 is focused on planning and navigation, leg 2 is on close quarter maneuvering such as MOB and berthing while leg 3 is the assessment leg of the program. Only those who have passed the assessment in leg 3 are certified for self drive of TBSA's fleet of non-cabin cruiser boats. 

Upon completing your Basic Competency Course, you will be able to charter SELF DRIVE boats from TBSA and its partners in the region. We have got self drive boats currently in the following marinas:
1. One15 Marina - Singapore 
2. RSYC - Singapore
3. Marina Country Club - Singapore
4. Straits Quay Marina - Penang, Malaysia

We have multiple competency courses created for different levels of boaters. They are as follows:

Call us to enquire or you can sign up for the competency course at the following link : click here to register