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Captain Q

Last Days of my Engine

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Luxury Boating

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Elliot Homan

Intro to TheBoatShopAsia

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Buying Your 1st Boat

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We have our regular blogger, Captain Q who runs the My Fishing Frenzy Academy in Singapore. Captain Q brings hundreds of fisherman wannabes each year to Lazarus island to teach them the basics of fishing. He also runs fishing trips on his 38 foot custom fishing boat for more experienced anglers who want to experience deep sea fishing and the excitement of netting something bigger and more exotic. Captain Q has gone the DIY way in bringing a boat into Singapore from the US and has gone through the pains of trying to fix his dying engine and eventually replacing them with a newer ones. You can follow his journey on this site. This is an excellent example of a novice boater with ample time on his hands, deciding to go through the School of Hard Knocks to pick up the tricks of the trade as he goes along his boating journey.


Luxury lifestyle marketing agency, Vanilla Luxury, offers a spectrum of services that include marketing, public relations, partnerships, events and digital marketing. Lauded for their creativity and professionalism, the agency has won the Silver Award for Best PR/Guerilla Marketing Stunt in the Marketing Event Awards 2015 for their Valentine Vendetta Event and was also a finalist for the Best Pop-Up and Best-Use of Retail/In-house Marketing for the Luxury Lifestyle Shopping Event Awards 2015. 


Elliot Homan is a partner of The Boat Shop Asia (TBSA). Having sailed as a child in the UK, he started boating Singapore in 2014 and had been a very enthusiastic member of the boating community before joining TBSA as a partner in 2015. Elliot hails from the UK and had been living and working in Singapore since 2013.


Clement has been boating since 2013 after being influenced by a friend to get his PPCDL. Upon completing the certification, he started looking for a boat for self-drive charter but was unable to in Singapore. Frustrated, he brought in his 1st boat from the Florida and had co-founded TBSA’s boating community in 2013. As a novice boater then, he had to go through the process of buying, certifying and shipping his boat from the US. He would like to share his experience with other boaters who are keen to import their boats into Singapore.