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A Retired PPCDL Instructor Gone Fishing

  • A Retired PPCDL Instructor Gone Fishing

    By Henry Tay 02, Mar 2017, 09:37 AM
    Met a Pioneer Generation Nicholas Ee last Sat who introduced himself as having been a practical instructor when PPCDL was at its infancy. He was about to go fishing in his boat at the Southern Island live firing area. When asked if he knew it is now gazetted as a prohibited area, he replied that it wasn't an issue to him to enter when there's no live firing taking place. Just to test his knowledge on the prohibition to the area around Raffles Light House, he knew to maintain 300m distance and even updated that prohibition had been increased to 400m. He hadn't been booked by MPA nor PCG for entering a prohibited area yet. Lucky PG boater.

    He said that he used to bring trainees to Pulau Hantu for their practical lessons with James Wee conducting the theory lessons. He noted over time the test format had changed and some participants to-date still struggle to pass their 30 MCQ questions. To him it would simply be to pick the answers which concern safety and one shouldn't fail the theory test. 

    The pioneers of PPCDL must have done their training needs analysis somehow and placed safety as a principal consideration to conduct the course. Yet, when a query was raised to MPA to state the training objective of PPCDL not so long ago, it drew a blank. Nicholas provided an enlightened insight into the basis and emphasis to conduct the PPCDL course. Hence, if one were to craft the training objective for PPCDL, the safety component would be foremost. In today's context, security has taken center stage too.  And to enable boating to be  a vibrant activity, the fun component should be included into the training objective. All other processes to analyse, design, develop, conduct and control quality of PPCDL training should be guided and tested to meet the stated training objective. Hence, the training objective is critical and it must be a clear statement to help evolve PPCDL training to be effective and  efficient.

    Time and tide have not stood still. Expectations of younger generation of boaters have risen with IT-hastening learning. Nicholas has gone fishing. It's now up to the new generation of boaters to articulate their expectations to the authority and those responsible for PPCDL training that their more than 30 years old syllabus need fixing if not a major overhaul. Part timers can't do their jobs for them. They have to equip themselves with proper training technology knowledge and skills, to be well-regarded and respected.

    Henry Tay

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  • Re: A Retired PPCDL Instructor Gone Fishing

    By Clement Chua 02, Mar 2017, 03:12 PM

    Times have changed, needs have changed and execution methods have also evolved. I think we need to look at these points and ask ourselves if the PPCDL course needs a revamp or overhaul. In the times of mobile devices and computers, we are able to learn through multiple channels and at a much faster pace, but practical and motor skills still need the traditional way to develop - grind, practice and hardwork. So, perhaps the balance of theory vs practical should change?

    I remember attending my PPCDL course almost 4 years back. Many a times I ask myself... what was my motivation to sit through hours and hours of boring theory and a few fun hours of practical? Was all these for the blue card that allows us to drive a powerboat? My motivation was the fun I envisioned myself having behind the helm of a powerboat cruising around Singapore waters, stopping by islands and just having FUN with my family and friends. I believe that that's the vision of most PPCDL course trainees, not the small blue card. So if we include in the course, something that motivates a trainee to learn better, wouldn't that help the learning process and make it more rewarding for the learner? Perhaps we could look into this FUN area of boating and teach our trainees how to go out and have fun... rather than focus on passing the tests...

    Clement Chua

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  • Re: A Retired PPCDL Instructor Gone Fishing

    By dave koh 24, Jul 2018, 12:27 PM

    Dear Captain Henry


    While at sea, fun goes along with safety.

    No fun without safety.


    dave koh

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