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  • Teach Me to Fish - Mini-me Edition

    By Clement Chua 01, Mar 2017, 06:04 PM
    We are yet organizing another edition of Teach Me to Fish. We will be visiting our regular fishing spot - Lazarus Island where we will indulge in some fantastic food from One Degree 15 Latitude Bistro and try to catch our dinner. Check out the video of the previous trips....

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    Clement Chua

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  • Water Toys???

    By Clement Chua 23, Nov 2016, 01:02 AM
    Boating is not about driving a boat for hours on end. True, its about the drive, the ride, and it is also about the company, the fun we have together, the food we share and the activities we enjoy. I bought a watermat a year back, it was an amazing invention. We had 6 burly guys wrestling on the mat and it stayed afloat! Recently, I got a towable shipped in from the US. It was pure joy and I instantly gained many friends!!! Took it out weekend after weekend with different groups of friends and family..I must say that this is actually quite addictive as people who try that actually requested to do it again...

    lets discuss what other water toys we can get to increase our enjoyment on the water..


    Re: Water Toys???

    By Elliot Homan

    Clement Chua

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