Buying your 1st Boat

At TheBoatShopAsia, we do not believe that one size fits all. As such, we will tailor our services to make your buying experience as unique as possible. We take time to understand you as a customer and your needs so that we make an appropriate recommendation on the type of boat you should get. In our engagement with you, there are 5 questions we would usually ask you. our customer:

1. What will you want to use the boat for? Liveaboard, water-skiing, once a month island hopping, boat parties etc etc

2. Do you have kids and how old are they?

3. Do you  have in mind a boat category, make or model that you are interested in?

4. Do you intend to take long distance cruise to other locations such as Tioman, Phuket?

5. Do you have a budget that we should work within?


Based on the above we can better identify the boat that will fit your lifestyle and also your budget. We can also advise you on where to berth your boat based on the activities you are keen on. Below is the buying framework we've developed.


Again, we do not profess to be experts in understanding you as a customer but our basic intent is to help you locate and find the best boat that suits your lifestyle and the best bang for your buck. Do provide feedback to us so that we can improve our services to you when you next upgrade your boat.